Dog Legal Requirements in the Town of Chevy Chase

TownDOG is a resource for Town of Chevy Chase residents.

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   Find a Dog’s Family in the Town of Chevy Chase

Dogs can go missing without wearing their ID, and when least expected. Use the TownDOGs directory to identify a loose dog and locate the dog’s family. The collection of resident canine profiles continues to expand.

Lost Dogs lists guided steps to take when a dog is found loose in our town.

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Is Your Social Dog Looking for Playdates?

Dogs need social outlets and exercise, but lack of leash-free areas nearby and busy schedules can limit their opportunities. The TownDOGs directory is used to connect resident dogs for playdates within the Town of Chevy Chase, providing them new backyards to sniff and endless opportunities. Dog profiles can indicate a desire to meet other dogs in town.

TownDOGs Directory Profiles

Dog profile details such as medical information, personality traits, play style and energy level information are helpful for dog sitters, walkers, anyone caring for a dog, or for possible playdates.

To add your dog’s profile to the TownDOGs directory, send a photo of your dog to Lewis’ guardian, at [email protected], and

complete the form, Add Your Dog Today.

Note that parent names and contact information are not accepted on the form or on this website to protect privacy.

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Who We Are

We are residents of the Town of Chevy Chase in Montgomery County, Maryland. Our aim is to create a happy dog and resident community in our town while keeping our canine companions safe and secure.

For the dogs in the Town of Chevy Chase and for those who care for them, we hope the information on this site useful.


An estimated 600 dogs live in the Town of Chevy Chase. One of them is Lewis, a Boston terrier and my companion. I am Bren Lizzio, your site administrator and a local real estate agent.

Happy dogs make happy homes, and happy neighbors - that's our goal!